You serve a God Who went BEYOND for you. Beyond all reason, beyond all expectation. Because that’s what grace does, and that’s Who God is.

But there are people all over the world that know absolutely nothing of this going-beyond, full-of-grace God. Nothing. It’s not because they don’t care, but because they don’t have an option. Where they are, there is no Bible, no church, no Christian friends. How would they know?

And the terrible truth is that they and their children will continue to live and die without hope until someone decides to go BEYOND for them.

It seems like a big ask–give something or go somewhere for someone I have never met? But when you really stop to consider what you have been given, then you realize that this is exactly the kind of love we should show. Because He loved us this way first.

Church, it is time to go BEYOND our normal Christian expectations. Go BEYOND our carefully-laid plans and budgets. Think BEYOND the material and see the eternal. Go BEYOND for the lost, just like Jesus did.

BEYOND OUR WALLS: Reaching Our City

When we stay within these walls, we cease to be the church. The church is made to go BEYOND. The church is a living, breathing, vibrant part of its community. The church stands on the front lines where there is need. The church is there to offer encouragement, help, and hope.

We have specific plans to go BEYOND our own property to show God’s love to Baltimore this year. Here are just a few ways to get involved, with more to come!

Baltimore Days

A series of special outreach days to help our city. We are already planning three for next this year, with more to come.Homeless Outreach: providing helpful personal essentials to those living on the streetsClean Up Project: making our community more beautiful by removing debris from a public spaceTeacher Appreciation: encouraging card and gifts for educators in our public school system

Group Service Days

Our small groups serve together four times a year to reach our community through an organized project. To learn more about small groups visit our Groups page.

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Campus Development

The best way to reach our city is to take the church into more areas of our community. Our goal as a church is to launch 6 campuses over the next 12 years in neighborhoods all around Charm City. If you are interested in participating in Outreach to our City please fill out the form below.

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BEYOND OUR BORDERS: Trips To Other Countries


You have an exciting opportunity to go BEYOND US borders to serve as Jesus did: minister to hurting people Who desperately need His grace. RBC will be part of a Medical Missions Outreach team of healthcare providers and non-medical volunteers to provide an episodic clinic and optical care in an indigent area of Nicaragua. In partnership with local national pastors and their church members, our team will give vitamins, medicine, eyeglasses, and most importantly, the message of the gospel to all who come seeking help. Find out details here: https://medical-outreach.com/get-involved/where-we-go/profile/matagalpa-nicaragua. *A $250 non-transferrable, non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. Apply online at the link above.*If you are interested in learning more about either of these trips please fill out the form below.

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Experience a soul-strengthening revival unlike anything you have ever experienced by going BEYOND your typical personal devotions to study the land where Jesus walked. Stand on the mountain where Elijah called down fire. Listen to the waves lap the shore of Galilee. Kneel in a cave in Bethlehem. Be a part of a group from our church who will walk through the Land of the Bible together, worshipping the One Who came there to die. For more information fill out the interest form for the April 19-29, 2021, trip below.

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BEYOND OUR COMFORT ZONE: Involvement Outside Of Sunday

RBC partners with exciting, local ministries that you can join!

Helping Hands

Typically meets on the 1st, 3rd, 5th Mondays of each month to create beautiful handmade items to bring smiles to thousands of faces all over the world. People of all skills sets are welcome to participate!

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Medical Missions Outreach

points others to the Great Physician by providing quality, ethical medical care and the healing power of the gospel message in developing nations. By partnering with missionaries and national pastors to share the good news of Jesus Christ, thousands have been saved and many churches planted. Medical and non-medical volunteers are needed on 20 trips next year!

Serve With MMO

People all around us are battling physical, mental, and spiritual battles due to strongholds in their hearts. Addictions and substance abuse are destroying families daily. Be a part of the solution by volunteering on Friday nights to strengthen and encourage precious people through the teaching of God’s Word and discipleship.

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Our student ministry outreach projects focus on helping the fatherless.


Is working on a series of projects that will help Hope Children’s Home in El Progreso, Honduras. Pastor Mike will be unveiling these projects throughout the year.

You can learn more about Hope Children’s Home by visiting this website.


Is working on outreach ministries that will reach the fatherless both locally and globally. Partnering with local shelters and the Baltimore Youth Coalition, our teen ministry with God’s help will help make a difference.

Pastor Dan is excited to share the plan in different stages this year.


Is taking a trip in spring of 2021 to the Island of Roatan in Honduras to help with Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries, a ministry to the fatherless of Roatan.

To learn more about Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries click here.