RBC Regathering Plan

Check here for the latest news and guidelines as we regather

RBC Regathering Documents

This is the best place to find documentation on our regathering plan. We outline specific details regarding processes and protocols.

RBC Regathering Walkthrough

We are looking forward to worshiping together! You are welcome to join us in person or online at 9AM or 11 AM. If you do plan on regathering with us this Sunday, here is some information from Pastor Tewell and Pastor Steve!

RBC Regathering FAQs

Will there be enough space for my family?
a. YES, we will have space for you.
b. Fortunately, we have a large Worship Center. In Governor Hogan’s first phase, he has granted 50% usage of capacity. For us, that means that we would be able to host over 700 people, if needed.
c. Early in Step One, we anticipate many people continuing to enjoy the service from home.
d. As services continue to ramp back in, we will adjust as necessary to have more services if needed.
Can I sit in my normal seat?
a. In theory, yes you would be able to sit in your normal seat.
b. To provide an orderly entrance and exit, we will encourage you to go directly to your seat upon arrival.
c. Many rows will be blocked for social distance guidelines, but all sections (including the balcony) will remain open.
What will be different about the service?
a. Sunday morning service times will be 9 AM and 11 AM.
b. Service will be similar to our online service that has been provided over the past few months.
c. Service time will remain at approximately 45 minutes.
d. Worship/singing will be reduced based on guidelines from the CDC.
e. A large stage will be in the middle row near the platform for our main “live-streaming” camera. We desire to continue to provide a high-quality online experience which makes this necessary.
f. Staff and volunteers are required to wear face-masks.
What are “enhanced cleaning protocols?”
a. Deep cleaning and sanitization on Saturday evening and Wednesday afternoon prior to services.
b. Many areas of the building will continue to be closed to allow them to remain sanitized.
c. Door handles, rails, and other potentially touched surfaces will
be continually cleaned and sanitized.
d. Bathrooms will be monitored, cleaned, and sanitized during all services.
e. Worship Center will be re-sanitized in between Sunday morning services.
What groups of people should continue to view the services online?
a. Anyone with symptoms of being ill.
b. Those that are 65 and older.
c. Anyone with pre-existing conditions or are
d. Those that have recently traveled outside of the immediate area.
e. Anyone that has been around someone that has tested
f. Anyone that is not comfortable in returning at this time.
How will “social distancing” guidelines be maintained?
a. Parking lot will have “social distance” markings as you walk towards the building.
b. Lobbies are also marked with floor decals that are 6 feet apart.
c. Staff and volunteers will encourage proper spacing.
d. Worship Center has every other row blocked which spaces seating exactly 6 feet apart.
e. Seating will be by family with proper spacing from other families.
f. Families will be encouraged to stay together and refrain from walking around the Worship Center or lobbies at this time. Bathrooms should be used very sparingly.
What is a “touchless service?”
a. A touchless service is designed to keep proper social
distancing guidelines from the parking lot to the pew.
b. We will encourage attendees to arrive closer to the begin time of the service since fellowshipping will be minimized.
c. Hand sanitizer will be available in all lobbies.
d. Staff are required to wear face-masks.
e. There is no distribution of bulletins or any other printed material.
f. Everything from the seat-backs have been removed.
g. Offering will be encouraged to remain online. There will be an opportunity to give after a service on your way out by dropping in an offering plate or box.
h. No fellowship time during the service.
i. Elimination of hospitality services such as coffee station at
this time.
j. Strategic dismissal to help continue social distancing.
When will the nurseries and Rkids services be available?
a. During Step One, nurseries and Rkids services will remain closed due to CDC guidelines.
b. We will begin to phase in as we are able to evaluate the ability to provide a safe environment.
c. Rkids services will continue to be available online.
Will masks be required?
a. Staff and volunteers will be required to wear face-masks.
b. At this point the Governor’s directives require masks in all public places. Since our services are public, we must also require attendees to wear face-masks. Thank you for your cooperation.
Will temperatures be taken?
a. As a part of attending a service, you are agreeing that we reserve the right to check temperatures.
b. As children’s ministries begin over time, temperatures will be taken to ensure safety.
What about my Life Group or Small Group?
a. During Step One, Life Groups and Small Groups will continue to meet online.
b. There will be a phasing in of groups over time.
Will other aspects of the RBC ministry be open?
a. Each area of the ministry is being evaluated for readiness to provide a safe environment.
b. Ministries such as Reformer’s Unanimous will likely begin very soon. However, ministries such as Senior Bible Study will continue to be online for now.